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Building a community of resources and inspiration in a time of unprecedented challenge

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, we acknowledge the hardship this is causing for individuals and the catastrophic effects the crisis is having on the outdoor event sector, along with societies nationally and globally. As a community of festivals, suppliers and industry organisations, the Vision:2025 members are facing an unprecedented challenge.

We are currently in a state of flux as our situation changes daily and weekly. Many of us are currently in isolation; some are still working, trying our best to protect ourselves, the health system and keep minds busy.

This is not the last significant challenge we will face, as the wider environmental crisis is still evolving. Where we are able, let’s use this unprecedented ‘pivot’ moment in history to be as prepared as we can be to tackle the next crisis, by supporting each other, communicating, learning from the resources we have created together and sharing information. Let’s make this hardship count, build a better new normal, based on collaboration, resilience, and respect for life and the ecosystems that support us.

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Stay Home. Stay in touch. 

Photo Credit: Tony Webster from Portland, Oregon, United States / CC BY (