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Bar Nation

Bar Nation provide full bar management and consultancy for festivals, venues and public events. In 2019 they took the decision to partner with Less Plastic to deliver their commitments towards reducing single-use plastics at events as part of their Lead the Change, Be Green company values.

Less Plastic raise awareness of the issues caused by ocean plastic, providing individuals & organisations with easy-to-action steps to help them to significantly cut their plastic usage. The United Nations estimated that if the current pollution rate continues there will be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050. Not only does plastic choke, injure and kill sea creatures, and pollute our ocean, it is also suspected to ultimately cause cancer and other diseases in humans.

Bar Nation recognized that as part of a growing number of events every year they can play their part in minimizing their use of single-use plastics so that it doesn’t add to the increasing problem of marine plastic pollution. They have set ambitious goals to help remove plastics from their own operations and have pledged to help other organisations to do the same by creating a transformation guide [BR1] to raise awareness of the issue and promote solutions for businesses. Their own goals include:

  • Eliminating single-use plastics from our operations and products by 2020 and to do so in the supply chain by 2022.
  • Reducing BarNation’s negative impact on the planet as much as possible
  • Influencing their staff and wider community to live with less plastic in their work and private lives.
  • Innovating new and creative ways to remove their plastic use significantly.

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