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Ronald Britton’s Bioglitter™ is an eco-friendly glitter brand that has created the world’s first plastic free, TÜV certified biodegradable and verified microplastic-free glitter. 

Bioglitter products are based on a new form of regenerated cellulose rather than plastic or bioplastic and set a new standard for biodegradation in the natural environment.  This raw material forms a solid base that’s unique to Bioglitter™ and which allows their products to achieve biodegradability certification in natural freshwater environments.

There are two products in the range, Bioglitter™ PURE, 100% plastic free and certified, and Bioglitter™ SPARKLE, which contains a minute trace of plastic to create a brighter reflective element.

The Glitter litter problem

Glitter is traditionally made from plastic and is a cause of microplastic pollution in the environment.  In recent years there has been a huge amount of press coverage over its physical and potentially toxic impact on marine life.  Technologies have been developed to tackle the issue such as bioplastics, but the problem with these products is they will only degrade in commercial composting and that’s not where glitter ends up.  Glitter used at festivals either just falls off in the natural environment or is washed off and could end up in our streams and rivers!

Ronald Britton, through Bioglitter™ is also on a campaign to tackle green washing in the industry which is a huge issue at the moment, with glitter companies claiming they are selling biodegradable glitter, when in fact it is just traditional plastic glitter or based on other material such as PLA, Cellulose Acetate and Cellophane (old 1890’s regenerated cellulose technology), none of which will decompose in the natural environment.

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