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MTD is a water management and plumbing company who value sustainability as key to their client offering. Innovation is a key factor and they are committed to investing in product development to keep up with the increasing demands of sites that are taking steps to ban the use of single-use plastics. They have developed ‘bottle refill stations’ which provide a sustainable solution whilst also offering the opportunity for branding and sponsorship. MTD has also seen increased demand this year for a chilled water solution for the production workforce on event sites. Their 3-tap coolers offer a chilled, ambient and sparkling water supply for long periods of site occupancy.

MTD calculates projects using precise methods to ensure the correct water volumes are stored throughout an event and reduce water wastage on site. With a large portfolio of potable water and wastewater pillow tanks, MTD ensures transport is kept to a minimum by transporting multiple pillow tanks on a single pallet compared to that of a static tank. Similarly, MTD will calculate exact pipe lengths and routes prior to arriving on site so that transport utilisation is maximised. We endeavour to achieve 0% to landfill yearly.

Alongside these practical solutions, MTD is a signed up member of the event industry charity Energy Revolution, meaning they balance their carbon emissions to and from events with investment in renewable energy.