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BIOGLITTER™: Sparkling Sustainability

Bioglitter™ is the world’s only certified fresh water biodegradable glitter brand. Stephen Cotton, commercial director of Ronald Britton Ltd the inventors and manufacturers of Bioglitter™, discusses the importance of checking how real a shiny product’s sustainable credentials actually are: 

Greenwashing is a major problem throughout all sectors, which needs to be addressed. 

Stephen states:

“Some manufacturers and brands are making fake claims, suggesting they are ‘eco-friendly’, when in actual fact they are adding to the problem. In the digital age in which we live in even paper certificates cannot always be trusted, as it’s become too easy for people to edit them and we have seen plenty of evidence of it.  Sometimes it’s necessary to go one step further and check with the certification body that the certificate is genuine.”  

Ronald Britton Ltd is raising awareness to help prevent people from getting ripped off, spending good money on fake eco-products, and thinking they’re helping the environment when they’re actually adding to the problem. 

Stephen continues:

“Unfortunately, there aren’t many laws around this, so it’s important you know how to check the validity of the claims that are being made.”

“Terms like ‘100% biodegradable’ and ‘plastic free’ can be very misleading, often used without qualification, and don’t necessarily describe the true eco-credentials of a product, like glitter.  Far too often they are not supported by any credible facts and independent proof.”

“We believe TÜV OK biodegradable WATER certification cuts through the confusion.  Moreover, the ISO 14851 and ISO 14852 tests at the heart of this certification are also specified by ECHA* for determination of whether or not a polymeric material is considered a microplastic”

Sophie Awdry, from Eco Glitter Fun, one of the UK’s leading eco-glitter consumer brands said: “Being a complex subject there is a good deal of greenwashing occurring.  There are a lot of companies claiming their glitter is biodegradable, but biodegradable is just a word and doesn’t actually mean anything unless qualified in terms of how much, how long, and where.  If it takes 100 years to biodegrade, if just a small percentage biodegrades, or if it needs composting conditions, then it’s not eco-friendly for the natural environment, our precious countryside, and waterways.”

Sophie added:    “The way to not get greenwashed is do your research and look for evidence of actual test data on glitters by a recognised, independent testing organisation, such as freshwater testing by trusted independent companies like OWS, Belgium or even better independent certification by companies like TÜV, Austria.

Stephen said:

“Being TÜV certified means it’s simple to check; use the serial number from the TÜV certification logo and type it into their website.  It’s that easy to verify it is genuine.”

“At Bioglitter™ we have established a strong ethos around our brand and logo, and an increasing number of smaller companies and big brands are now using the Bioglitter™ logo* on their packaging to show customers what they’re buying is verifiably biodegradable and genuine. Primark is a prime example; after working with Bioglitter™ and using the logo for two years, they are now showcasing the logo on the front of all their packaging and no longer refer to terms such as ‘Biodegradable’.  The use of the logo says it all.”

“As a glitter manufacturer, we feel as if it’s our duty to engage, educate and empower people about what’s good and bad so they can make informed purchasing decisions.”

“Four of our Bioglitter™ product ranges are now TÜV OK biodegradable WATER certified.  We have Bioglitter™ products for all aspects of the events market: Deco Bioglitter™ products can be used to brighten up a venue or concession stall, Cosmetic Bioglitter™ products gives the audience a chance to shine.”

Ronald Britton Ltd is offering Vision: 2025 event organisers a free Bioglitter™ sample kit, to encourage events to include a more sustainable, cosmetically safe product for a sparkling experience. 

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ECHA* – European Chemicals Agency; the body that runs REACH and advises on European Chemicals Legislation.

Bioglitter™ Logo* – is the registered trademark Ronald Britton Ltd, permission for use has been granted by Ronald Britton Limited.