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Sunbelt Rentals – Sustainability 2030 Strategy

Sunbelt Rentals sustainability 2030 strategy aligns with eight of the 17 UN sustainable development goals.
They are striving to create social impact, report social value and achieve lasting legacies through day-to-day work – read more Sustainability 2030 | Sunbelt Rentals

“Our 2030 strategy is called ‘Towards a low carbon and sustainable future’. Our Sustainability 2030 Strategy focuses on making a difference in four key areas: Environment, Community Engagement, Local People & Skills, and Governance

We have developed a Social Impact Programme to bring all of our Sustainability 2030 benefits to you, helping leave a legacy in the communities in which your projects are located.”

In addition, they have invested over £100million in sustainable equipment in the past 18 months and invested over £20 million in their vehicle fleet which includes a range of electric vans and euro 6 compliant HGVs and LCVs.