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The team behind the Showman’s Show are conscious of their environmental impacts and take measures to reduce them year on year. Managing power to cut emissions through monitoring, measuring, implementing efficiency strategies and employing new technology is a key part of this plan.

In 2012, a simple audit of the power required on-site identified that they were being too cautious with the amount and size of the generators onsite. This audit resulted in reducing the number of generators and reducing the consumption of diesel by 50% in that year alone.

Every year following, they review our energy and fuel consumption with our power contractor to see where we can improve. As a result, they have increased the venues mains power and relocated certain structures, such as the main restaurant and crew catering, to make better use of this supply. This change meant that we only needed power from generators for 4 days instead of 2 weeks and cut the number of generators needed.

The Show’s power contractor takes a proactive approach to reducing power consumption and has switched all the Exhibition Hall and Restaurant lighting to LED. They monitoring the use of the generators on site and switch them off overnight if they are not being used. A simple action like this saves hundreds of litres of diesel.

In 2018, they started load sharing the generators, resulting in further fuel use reductions. In 2019 we trailed battery-powered generators to see where these can be used at the Show moving forward in future years.