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owersey Festival worked with their power supplier Flying Hire to cut fuel use by almost a quarter across the site in 2018.

Flying Hire have provided power for Towersey Festival for several years, each year working for greater efficiency and pushing for a reduction of diesel use. In 2018, a changed site plan gave the Flying Hire team the opportunity to work with Towersey to redesign their power plan and achieve the significant fuel use reduction.

The system for the new site involved building a miniature sub-station of synchronised generators and distributing all power from there; with all the generators synched on a load share demand basis for optimum running efficiency.

Planning was key to ensuring the transition would run smoothly; the team calculated the power needed around the main arena, the power being drawn, the load on cables and how this would affect the voltage. They reduced the number of generators from the fourteen, used in the previous year, to just eight, and added an additional 3.2km of cabling in order to distribute the power. During the event fuel management for all the gen-sets was switched on and generators were monitored for optimum efficiency.

“For festivals that want to push on their green footprint, we would say work closely with your power provider and see how your setup can be made more efficient.” George Nearn, Flying Hire Ltd