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Circular Economy and the Outdoor Events Industry #WeMakeTheFuture Webinar: 25 Nov, 2-3pm

Julie’s Bicycle hosts the next webinar in the Vision: 2025 #WeMakeTheFuture Autumn series, 25 Nov, 2-3pm. The topic is Circular Economy and The Outdoor Events Industry with Chiara Badiali from Julie’s Bicycle in conversation with Patricia Yagüe from Live Nation Europe and Paul Schurink from Green Events Netherland. More details and register below:

The circular economy is one of the main trends that will shape how we reset our relationship to materials and resource use in response to overconsumption, pollution, and our current alarming declines of nature. How can we bring circular thinking into the outdoor events industry? 

Paul Schurink from Green Events Netherlands gives an update on the Green Deal Circular Festivals and their approach to plastics and materials use, Chiara Badiali from Julie’s Bicycle explains the what how and why of the circular economy with plenty of stories from the creative community, and Patricia Yagüe, Head of Sustainability, Live Nation Europe will speak about some of the projects her teams around Europe are working on to close different material loops REGISTER HERE.

The next, and final webinar in the #WeMakeTheFuture series is


Outdoor events create microcosms outside the day-to-day where anything seems possible; where we come together, share experiences, exchange ideas, hear and see new music and art forms, and discover fresh ideas. How can we harness this power to raise awareness, push for change, and shift the world?

Frances Fox – Founder of Climate Live and festivals coordinator for the UK Student Climate Network – speaks about why it’s more important than ever to make ourselves heard.  This session will also look at how the outdoor events and festival community can be a part of broader movements in 2021 as part of the Music Declares Emergency No Music on a Dead Planet campaign, and the Arts admin/Julie’s Bicycle Season for Change. REGISTER HERE.

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