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In 2019 Continest supplied temporary infrastructure solutions for the FIS Alpine World Ski Championship in Sweden, helping the global sports event meet strong sustainability goals around travel carbon emission reduction. Through the innovative design of Continest’s folding container units, transport was reduced from 40 to just 8 trucks resulting in an 80% cut in CO2e emissions.

The FIS Championship’s Local Organizing Committee’s decision to use Continest’s disruptive folding containers reflected their aspiration to create a sustainable global sport event. Besides its sustainability, Continest’s innovative technology solution was also financially competitive.

Continest delivered and built 122 Continest units, for the Main Service Area to host the national teams service centre for equipment suppliers with units ranging from site offices to accommodation to sales kiosks. All 122 Continest foldable containers were transported with only 8 trucks in comparison to the normal containers that would have needed 40.  

Continest’s service team built and fitted out the 122 containers in 7 days operating in extreme weather conditions and sometimes working in -23C and snowstorms. As part of the breakdown requirements, all 122 units were removed in a record 56 hours.

Continest’s innovative market-leading foldable container solutions typically result in an 80% cost cut on logistic and storage costs, and a similar reduction of CO2 and GHG emissions.