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‘Plant a Seeed’ Sustainability of major events in urban environments report by The Changency

The Changency worked with Berlin based university Hochschule für Technik to produce a sustainability study of 5 shows of German band SEEED in August 2022 at Wuhlheide Berlin (cap: 17.000). They found:

  • Overall electricity consumption per concert: 4,013 kWh – on average, this is 60 – 80 % less electricity consumption per capita than at home
  • Sustainability is a major issue for the audience:
  • The majority think sustainably sourced food is more important than a variety of dishes
  • 94% of concert goers would co-finance a ticket for less financially secure people (solidarity ticket)
  • 95% of all people say merchandise has to be sustainably sourced + fair
  • The majority of visitors think 100% vegetarian food stalls are totally fine (72%) and 55 % think that 100% vegan food offerings are fine
  • 25% of visitors traveling more than 250 km emit 75% of all emissions
  • Changing artist catering to a vegan and vegetarian catering saved 1.18 tons of CO2.

Download the full report

(Photo credit: Nadine Kunath)