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Bioglitter™ – Ronald Britton Ltd

Bioglitter™, developed and manufactured by UK company Ronald Britton Ltd, is the brand name of our family of eco-friendly glitter products for cosmetics, coatings and craft.

Polluting microplastic materials normally found in glitter have been replaced with materials that are, sustainably sourced, can biodegrade in the natural environment, non-ecotoxic and animal cruelty free.

All Bioglitter™ products have been 3rd party tested and proven to biodegrade in fresh water.  It’s our goal to make all Bioglitter™ products certified biodegradable in the natural environment.  Most of our ranges already boast this accolade, all that don’t are not far behind, already within touching distance of certification.

All Bioglitter™ products have been 3rd party tested and proven to biodegrade in fresh water.  It’s our goal to achieve TÜV Austria ‘OK biodegradable WATER’ certification for all Bioglitter™ products this proves they are microplastic free.  

TÜV OK biodegradable WATER Certified Product Ranges:

Cosmetic Bioglitter™ PURE

Deco Bioglitter™ PURE

Deco Bioglitter™ SPARKLE GC 

Craft Bioglitter™ GC

Bioglitter™ is the world’s only certified fresh water biodegradable glitter brand.

Our registering Bioglitter™ logos are used, with permission granted under licence, by festival suppliers and cosmetic companies to communicate to event organisers and consumers that their products contain genuine Bioglitter™. Only companies licenced to use our logos are displayed on our website.

  • Contact: Stephen Cotton
  • Address: Ronald Britton Ltd, Regent Mill, Regent Street, Greater Manchester, Rochdale, OL12 0HQ, UK
  • 07909 681845