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Measuring Impacts

Lansdowne Warwick

Lansdowne Warwick is a dynamic specialist consultancy offering strategic sustainability advice to the creative industries as well as real estate and business.

Sustainable strategies offer positive impacts that can lead to a resilient, competitive and responsible way forward. We offer advice on successfully integrating sustainability to become carbon neutral, carbon emission measurement and reporting, energy auditing and performance, environmental design and construction and implementing ISO 14001 environmental management systems. 

We have an expertise in the creative industry, working with venues, events, productions and festivals to become carbon neutral and to inspire and promote green thinking to audiences and stakeholders.

Lansdowne Warwick helps clients by integrating strategies to identify environmental impacts, develop actions to minimise these and implement monitoring of the carbon footprint to target reductions.

This can include focus on reducing emissions through:

  • Renewable and cleaner energy solutions
  • Power reduction strategies
  • Recycling and waste management policies with zero landfill targets
  • Carbon balancing
  • Transport policies
  • Ethical credentials
  • Water consumption
  • Considering wildlife and ecological factors
  • Minimising pollution
  • Visitor, staff and contractor engagement
  • Eco-friendly materials and sustainable procurement

 Liz is also a trustee of Ecolibrium, sits on the steering group for Vision:2025 and works with industry stakeholders including Julie’s Bicycle and A Greener Festival.