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Food and Drink

Rockstar Services

Global bespoke and personalised concierge service with over 30 years experience bridging the gap between environmental sustainability and the events and entertainment industry.

World class services specialising in eco, green and complementary lifestyles providing organic, vegan, special dietary needs, cruelty free and ethically sourced products and services – first stop for all Green VIPs. Speciality last minute solutions, creative thinking for extraordinary situations, utmost discretion and a black book that covers every eventuality.

Rockstar Services has been promoting environmental options for 30 years, leading with environmental and ethical first in all situations when no-one else was even considering options and is constantly re-evaluating as new information comes to light.

Present at the first ever Julie’s Bicycle meeting, supporting and attending all GEI events, supporting Festival Wood, promoting sustainability and industry groups on social media and generally walking the talk.

  • Contact: Alison Hussey
  • Address: 37 Warren Street, London, W1T 6AD, UK
  • 07876 430983