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Vision: 2025 at The Association of Festival Organisers’ 34th Conference

The Vision: 2025 team are delighted to be hosting a session at the Association of Festival Organisers’ (AFO) 34th conference on Saturday 20th Feb, on the how and why of measuring the environmental impacts of events.

Vision: 2025’s Chair, Chris Johnson, will lead ‘Counting What Matters and Making it Count,’ an hour of the conference dedicated to helping event organisers understand what environmental impacts to measure and how to do it.

Measuring energy, waste, and travel emissions is an important step in improving environmental impacts and identifying cost savings.

In the session, industry experts will outline ways to measure and understand impacts to achieve reductions, with break out discussion groups to allow participants to dive deeper into each topic covering:

·       Chiara Badiali, Julie’s Bicycle: What should we measure and why?

·       Tim Benson, Powerful Thinking/Smart Power: How to measure power and the benefits

·   Abi Moores, ecolibrium: Tools for calculating travel emissions and what can be done to reduce them

·       Mary Corfield, Greenbelt: Measuring and managing waste the simple way

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