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Vision: 2025 Webinar: Circular economy & the outdoor events industry

In the recording of the second webinar in the Vision: 2025’s Autumn #WeMakeTheFuture webinar series, Circular Economy and The Outdoor Events Industry, Chiara Badiali from Julie’s Bicycle is in conversation with Patricia Yagüe from Live Nation Europe and Paul Schurink from Green Events Netherland. 

The circular economy is one of the main trends that will shape how we reset our relationship to materials and resource use in response to overconsumption, pollution, and our current alarming declines of nature. How can we bring circular thinking into the outdoor events industry? Paul Schurink from Green Events Netherlands gives an update on the Green Deal Circular Festivals and their approach to plastics and materials use, Chiara Badiali from Julie’s Bicycle explains the what how and why of the circular economy with plenty of stories from the creative community, and Patricia Yagüe, Head of Sustainability, Live Nation Europe will speak about some of the projects her teams around Europe are working on to close different material loops.