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Immersa Ltd was founded 4-years ago with the core purpose of providing all energy consumers, large and small, with bespoke analysis and complete renewable energy generation and storage solutions. This ranges from domestic Solar PV, supplied and installed with or without batteries, right up to multi-Mega Watt combined technology generation and storage systems both behind the meter, for commercial or industrial users, and directly connected to the Grid for Peak Load Support and Balancing Services.

Working Festivals & Events, they can provide fully off-grid, mobile systems to supply power without the use of fossil fuels. In 2019, Immersa was asked to provide an Off-Grid power solution to concession stand vehicles used at outdoor events. They analysed the required power loads and designed a roof-mounted solar system with enough battery storage to power the whole system – including several EPOS systems, lighting, and other low-level AC loads.

The final system consisted of 1.2kW of solar charging a battery pack of 4.4kWh using a DC/Dc battery charger with a 1200W inverter charger. This was designed to give approximately 6 hours of electrical supply. The system could also be charged from the mains power grid overnight if required or by an additional generator in times of low solar production. A colour monitor also provided local monitoring. To date, the concession vehicles have been operating weekly with immense success.

Immersa is also currently working on an Off-Grid activity centre and an Eco Off-Grid hotel, complete with ground source heat pump, grounded mounted solar and over 120kWh of battery storage.