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Photo credit: Marc deGroot for Festival Republic

Live Nation Entertainment, announced their Green Nation charter in May 2019, setting out global sustainability goals and targets for all Live Nation owned and operated venues, clubs, theatres and festivals.  The primary targets are reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030, and ending the sale of single-use plastics at all owned and operated venues and festivals by 2021.

Their agreed position across the world is to reduce the negative environmental impacts often associated with live events including waste generation and single-use plastics, energy and water use, transport and food sourcing.

 Live Nation will:

  • Deliver a 50% reduction in scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gases by 2030
  • End sale of single-use plastics at all owned and operated venues and events by 2021, all plastic items on sale must be either reusable, renewable, certified compostable or if unavoidable made from at least 30% recycled content.
  • Work to reduce or eliminate the use of fossil fuels where possible and pursue a low-carbon economy by sourcing renewable energy
  • Aim for our offices, venues and events to be zero waste to landfill and achieve a 50% (or higher) material recovery rate by 2030
  • Work with partners and sponsors toward shared sustainability goals
  • Transparently track, measure, and share adherence to their charter  

Green Nation executive board consists of Melvin Benn, Director of Live Nation Music UK and Managing Director of Festival Republic, who played a pivotal role in driving it forward; Tom See, President of Live Nation Venues – US Concerts; and Charlie Walker, co-founder of C3 Presents. Together, they will champion these initiatives along with support from regional sustainability managers and their teams at the local venue and event level.  Following the Charter two new positions were created, Head of Sustainability for Europe and Head of Sustainability for the UK & Ireland to coordinate implementation and monitoring of all aspects of the charter alongside the current US Sustainability Manager and Sustainability Coordinators.

Live Nation Entertainment is made up of global market leaders Ticketmaster, Live Nation Concerts and Live Nation Sponsorship. In the UK it consists of Academy Music Group, Cream, Cuffe & Taylor, DF Concerts, Festival Republic, Isle of Wight, MAMA, Metropolis Music, Soundcrash, The Warehouse Project, Robomagic, Ticketmaster and promotes and organises over 20 festivals per year.