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Instagrid Portable Power Battery at a concert
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Instagrid Supply Clean Event Power at any Location

Instagrid replaces noisy petrol generators and their associated emissions in event spaces with its leading battery technology. In doing so, they have also freed artists and creative producers from the constraints posed at locations by traditional power sources with its Portable Power Stations.

Instagrid has worked alongside gigmit, a platform revolutionising how talent connects with promoters. Instagrid supported a series of projects, centered around the artist’s ability to take their show off-grid to unlikely show locations, to reflect the artists and inspiring true creative freedom.

This was thanks to the unique design of Instagrid ONE, the company’s flagship product, which is a 230v clean energy portable power supply weighing only 20kg. ONE efficiently powers high-demand equipment, for example keeping a PA system running for around 16 hours on a single charge and can be linked to increase capacity.

DJ Felix Kröcher
The first concert from this exciting partnership was held in a former industrial park – the Landschaftspark Halde Hoheward in Herten, Germany. Renowned German DJ Felix Kröcher realised his dream: to perform in an industrial venue, without worrying about where to plug in his equipment.

Ornella Mikwasa
Typical concert barriers were also broken in the next project, a performance by Congolese-German artist Ornella Mikwasa, who played in the Cologne Forest. Instagrid’s portable power supply allowed the singer to bring her ideas to life, connecting her fans and music more closely to nature. This unique setting did not detract from the quality of the production value, as the new Instagrid LINK tripled the capacity of the ONE and kept the party going long into the night.

Instagrid and gigmit continued to push the boundaries of performance spaces with electro-pop musician BAIBA’s concert. Her exclusive show was held high in the mountains of the Salfeiner See hiking area, showing how Instagrid ONE is a true game-changer when it comes to fulfilling the need for a strong power source, while avoiding harmful emissions (associated with fossil-fuel generators) being released into the surrounding environment. In this case, the events site was truly in the middle of nature, making the avoidance of polluting generators all the more crucial.
As the summer festival season commences, the Instagrid ONE and LINK, is preparing to power many major events with a clean, fume-free power supply.