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EnergyNet Zero


Instagrid is a specialist in high-power portable battery systems, enabling reliable and efficient access to clean and affordable electricity for anyone, anywhere and anytime.
Specifically, instagrid has developed the world’s most advanced clean portable power supply for professional use to replace highly polluting fossil generators in sectors like the event industry, construction and emergency response.

Combustion generators are currently the main source of power for mobile work when there is no electricity available from the grid. But these small combustion engines are far from ideal
when it comes to power generation: they produce considerable emissions, cause health hazards, and drive economic costs. Instagrid believes there’s a better way. That’s why instagrid has created the world’s most advanced 230 V portable battery to provide silent off-grid electricity with zero local emissions for professionals with high power demands. The high-quality mobile battery power supply makes work easier and more efficient for anyone working in outdoor workplaces, in underground settings or in remote areas.

  • Contact: Andy Mead
  • Address: Epworth House, 25 City Road, London, EC1Y 1AA
  • 0203 608 6423