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Greenbelt Festival is on a mission to be truly free from single use plastic, but like many organisers struggled to find an environmentally sound option for wristbands. They encouraged Nordic Wristbands to develop a new range of responsibly sourced bamboo, hemp and cotton Eco wristbands in time for the 2019 event.

Nordic worked closely with Greenbelt to find the product that met their requirements, beginning conversations in March 2019 to explore different materials a range of clasps and options to personalise the bands. Greenbelt chose Bamboo material and aluminium clasps for a completely plastic free solution.

Nordic produced 17,000 wristbands in six different colours with screen-printed designs. The bands looked great, were fully secure, more comfortable than plastic ones, and most importantly – biodegradable.

“Working with Nordic on our wristbands this year was brilliant, from start to finish. They were super helpful during the process of our design and went out of their way to find the best deal for us. The bamboo wristbands we received were beautiful! They are incredibly soft on the skin, which is great. We ordered multiple colours and they all looked so striking. Many of our festival-goers like to keep their wristband on throughout the year too and I met one of them recently who still had his on – he said, “these are the best wristbands you’ve ever had!” Everyone enjoyed how nice they are on your skin, other fabric wristbands can be a little itchy. We often have customers who can’t wear the wristbands due to the irritation they cause, but this year these same people loved wearing the bamboo wristbands from Nordic.”

Hannah Burns, Greenbelt Festival Administrator