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SANI solutions have developed water-saving sanitary vacuum products for the event sector, including vacuum toilets, showers and urinals. Water scarcity is a very real concern for organisers because events cannot take place without a guaranteed supply of freshwater and wastewater supply for sewerage maintenance

SANI’s products require less water and less power meaning that emissions from wastewater transport and power consumption are reduced in comparison to traditional festival toilets. There is a lower faecal load of wastewater compared to portable toilets and the wastewater left is more resource efficient to clarify in sewage treatment plants compared to portable toilet wastewater.


  • Up to 80% lower wastewater transport costs compared to conventional flush toilets
  • Up to 30% lower energy costs through more efficient units, distributors etc.
  • Up to 50% lower storage costs for wastewater and freshwater

In 2019 SANI worked with Rock am Ring installing Vacuum Toilets, Shower’s, Washing units, Urinals and toilets with wheelchair accessibility. They saved 25-30% water for the event – about 1,500 – 1,800 m³ of water savings. The advantages of SANI’s vacuum technology is explained in detail in here as a PDF.