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Rock City Stage Crew tackle travel impacts and aim for carbon neutrality for 2020.

In 2015, the team at Rock City set out to become Carbon Neutral by 2020. Their plan was to measure their impact, reduce where possible, create their own energy to negate their environmental footprint and balance emissions with investment in renewable energy.

The first step was establishing an environmental policy: choosing green suppliers for energy, office equipment, stationery and cleaning products, and introducing a comprehensive recycling programme, a switch off policy and travel to work scheme.

Transport was a big area to tackle: Crew travel takes up a considerable % of Rock City’s overall impact and they are committed to updating their whole fleet with low emission vehicles.  In 2019 they have fitted 9 Ford Tourneos with the new 2 Litre Panther EcoBlue Engine which meets and exceeds the current 2017 European Emission Standards and they are converting three old site tippers to take recycled biodiesel which they hope to process in house.

To produce their own Green Energy, to cover our own needs and to offset mileage, Rock City invested in a 30KW Solar Panel System on the roof of their Plymouth Office, which annually converts approx. 26,000-kilowatt hours of electricity, offsetting over 13 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year, roughly equivalent to 32,000 travel miles. Furthering their commitment to tackling travel emissions Rock City work with event industry charity Energy Revolution to calculate their fossil fuel use from transport to 3 events and balance these emissions with investment in projects that create clean renewable energy –in 2017 they balanced 259,347 travel miles!