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Outdoor Events Industry Consultation: Developing a Green Code of Conduct

Vision: 2025 launch a consultation for ground-breaking industry Green Code of Conduct, to provide clear minimum environmental standards for all UK outdoor events.

Why this is important in a nutshell

Vision:2025 has taken the initiative to develop an industry green code of conduct, which could establish consistent and workable minimum standards across the UK for the industry. The draft green code has been shaped by, and has the broad support of, industry associations. This consultation seeks the views of event businesses across the industry, acknowledging that the industry is diverse, and that a code of conduct is relevant to all outdoor live events.

There are many reasons why the Vision:2025 believe developing a code of conduct is vitally important at this time:

(1) As an industry, it is time to create robust foundations to enable meaningful action on the climate crisis
(2) This code represents a sub-sector response to the LIVE Green Vision developed for the whole UK music industry, launched 2021
(3) Stakeholders across the sector are calling for clarity and a common understanding of standards and practices
(4)The DCMS is currently exploring the role which Local Authorities might take in regulating the environmental performance of events. Many local authorities are already putting guidance in place. It is important that the industry drives this conversation forward, to ensure that outcomes are work-able for the industry.

Please follow the steps below and complete the survey by the 14th January 2022.

1. Read the background information (below)
2. Review the draft Outdoor Events Green Code of Conduct HERE
3. Tell us what you think: Fill out the survey HERE.

What will happen next?

We will review and publish an anonymised summary of the feedback in early February, with an updated draft of the code based on feedback, and inform everyone who has taken part about the next steps. Feedback will be provided to the DCMS if appropriate at that time. Vision:2025 will work with the Event Industry Forum to create a Green Chapter of the Purple Guide.

The background

The DCMS Select Committee on The Future of UK Music Festivals recommended in their report (May 2021), that:

”before the 2023 festival season the Government, the Local Government Association and representatives from across the festival sector develop standardised environmental objectives that local authorities must adopt, and that Local Authorities should report back to DCMS on those events’ progress at reducing emissions year-on-year.”

The Government response to the Select Committee recommendations was published in August and committed the DCMS to exploring how the industry is managing environmental performance, and recommending next steps.

After discussion at the Vision: 2025 industry steering group meeting 06.10.21, there was broad agreement amongst Steering Group members present that:

  • there is a risk of there being a ‘lottery’ of standards and enforcement if it were left to Local Authorities to enforce, as many currently do not have the expertise to determine or monitor environmental standards (this is the persistent experience of the industry with H&S requirements and enforcement across the last decade).
  • the success of the Purple Guide offers a good precedent for how the events industry is capable of establishing best practice, with government endorsement.
  • Creating a green code of conduct demonstrates to Government that we are taking practical steps to manage the industry’s impacts
  • Creating a code of conduct with standards that work for the events industry, and are deliverable and practical, could help to inform the process of establishing standards if they are pursued by Government
  • Vision:2025 is the appropriate industry group (stakeholders now represent more than 600 event organisers) to create a Green Code of Conduct
  • Irrespective of the current context, creating a Green Code of Conduct is a practical and potentially effective step that the industry can take to improve standards across the value chain by establishing top-level shared principles that relate to and apply to all stakeholders and;
  • This work is symbiotic with the LIVE Green Vision and Declaration for the wider music industry, supporting the aim of every organisation taking responsibility for measuring and reporting emissions. It will be an example of a sub-sector taking action. It also fits with international and national frameworks.

The Draft Code of Conduct was presented to the LIVE Green working group on November 15th, and has received feedback from a number of significant festival promoters across the UK, informing the first iteration.

It is important to note that Vision:2025 does not represent, nor seeks to, the entire outdoor events industry – rather it is rooted in outdoor music and arts festivals. However, this code of conduct is necessary for the reasons outlined, and relevant to all temporary outdoor events, and thus it is important to achieve widespread input from across the industry in shaping the final iteration.

Please get in touch at for further information and enquiries.

About Vision:2025

Founded in 2015, Vision: 2025 is a steering group of live events industry associations representing over 600 event businesses and leaders in the field of sustainability. Steering group members include Julie’s Bicycle, Festival Republic, The Association of Independent Festivals (AIF), The Association of Festival Organisers (AFO), The National Outdoor Events Association (NOEA), The Production Services Association (PSA), Lansdowne Warwick consultants, Without Walls, The Nationwide Caterers Association (NCASS) and is supported by Brown Fox Comms.

Photo credit: Photo by Danny Howe on Unsplash