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Green Supplier Focus: Nordic Wristbands launch updated Ecobox22

It’s widely accepted that we all need to stop using single-use plastics. Nordic Wristbands  has calculated that every year over 20 million virgin plastic wristbands are produced across the events world. As one of Europe’s largest suppliers, the company decided not to be a part of that problem, Managing Director Jone Nuutinen explains:

“We are passionate to play our part in reducing our environmental impact and supporting organisers to become more sustainable, by creating a range of sustainable wristbands and event access products.

“Extensive research and product development (and due diligence) has led to our Ecobox 22 Update, featuring a range of sustainable options. We’ve invested a lot of time and energy to ensure these products are genuinely environmentally friendly, from sourcing to materials, to their recycling credentials.

“We want to introduce organisers on a journey to Net Zero to options that are more ecological, sustainable, made of recycled, responsibly sourced, biodegradable materials.”

Nordic’s first Ecobox was launched shortly before the first Covid wave turned the world upside down and was well received by clients. Having missed two festival seasons, along with an increased focus on global warming, Nordics is introducing an updated Ecobox 2022 Upgrade – featuring wristband materials ranging from recycled plastics to biodegradable bamboo or organic cotton and wooden NFC cards.

Visit Nordic Wristbands website to request your free Ecobox samples or in the UK contact 0117 244 5325