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Green Leader Q&A #41: Lucy Scrase, Sustainability Lead and Chief Operating Officer at Ourea Events

Lucy Scrase is the Chief Operations Officer and Sustainability Lead at Ourea Events, organising high profile mountain running events across the UK. Lucy has worked in the events, sports, and outdoor sectors for 20 years and for the last six years her passion for sustainable events and business has been the driving force behind the sustainability strategy at Ourea Events. Read about her journey in sustainable events below:

1 What is the proudest sustainability achievement or moment of your career?

Creating the business sustainability strategy and sharing the journey with our industry. Plus working with some fantastic partners such as 1% for the Planet, ecolibrium, Trees not Tees, She Races, the list goes on…

2 What was your worst ever sustainability-related decision, project or initiative and why?

Implementing a shuttle bus system for one of our events so our participants could stay in a nearby town and get shuttled to the race start. We sold all the seats on the buses but then hardly any participants turn up on the day to use the bus. A near empty bus does not look like positive sustainability initiative. It was disappointing.

3 What are you excited about implementing this year?

We have been collecting data for our carbon analysis for the last four years. This year we will be working on an action plan to set out realistic reduction targets.

4 Which environmental issue do you most care about?

Transport and waste.

5 What sustainable change have you made in your personal life that you are most proud of?

Educating my children to understand how precious our planet is. It is all about the next generations to come.

6 What do you read, listen to or watch to stay in touch with green issues?

Following inspirational people on Linkedin.

7 What is the most memorable live performance in your life?

The Killers followed by Kings of Leon at Tea in the Park, 2009.

8 Was there a moment you committed to taking action on climate change?

I was travelling with my children and husband in Southeast Asia in 2017. I witnessed the impact of plastic waste around these beautiful countries. It broke my heart.

9 What is most important issue to tackle at your events?

Transport for participants and event team.

10 What do you think is the most significant challenge for the events industry becoming more sustainable?

The ongoing challenge of costs versus environment.

11 Can you share something sustainable about/from another artists or event or company that inspired you to make a change?

I have undertaken a sustainability assessment of Forest Green Rovers Football Club for The Greener Future. They have been named ‘the greenest football club in the world’ – their sustainability initiatives are incredible; you should check them out.

12 What is the secret to your sustainable success?

Break your sustainability strategy down into achievable steps otherwise you just feel completely overwhelmed. You cannot fix everything in one step.

13 Tell us something you feel positive about right now that relates to the environment.

There are more and more people talking about sustainability plus a growing number of communities to engage with to help you start your own sustainability journey either personally or through business.

14 Tell us a book, film or recent article you feel others should watch/read and why about positive change?

I found ‘How Bad Are Bananas’ by Mike Berners Lee fascinating.

15 Can you give people new to sustainability in event a top tip?

One of my favourite quotes is ‘progress not perfection’. You have to start somewhere and accept you will not get it right first time.  It is an evolving journey.

16 What is the favourite festival moment of your career?

Watching Mumford and Sons at a secret gig, Glastonbury 2011.

17 What habit or practice has helped you most in your personal journey in life?

Being active and spending time in the outdoors. It gives me time to think and reset.

18 Is there anything new or exciting you are planning or changing for the future that you can tell us about? Even a hint!

It is something beginning with B!

19 Will we save the world?

Yes. There is no plan B.

20 What would your sustainable super-power be?

To stop consumerism. We simply do not need all the things we buy.  

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