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Guest Blog: Anna Johnson at Involved Group shares Earth Day Sustainability Drive 

Involved Productions’ three core labels, Anjunabeats, Anjunadeep and Reflections are celebrating Earth Day in 2024. The group’s biggest sustainability drive to date, this Earth Day will be the launchpad for activations including the publication of a company sustainability overview and IMPALA Carbon Calculator generated emissions screening reports. In this guest blog, Anna Johnson, Sustainability Officer, shares insights from the process of going public with the group’s sustainability commitments. Read Sustainability at Anjuna

On Earth Day 2024, Involved Group published a new website page, consolidating the company’s commitments and efforts towards increasing sustainability. As can be the case with doing anything for the first time, our journey hasn’t been linear. I’m sharing learnings from the teething challenges we experienced so that you don’t have to.  

You don’t have to do it alone

The process of creating a sustainability strategy and putting it into action can feel vulnerable and exposing. But there is so much joy in discovering how many people want to be part of it. Find allies who can support delivery of the work and enhance it – for example, by adjusting the tone of voice to suit your audience.  

Understand and articulate where change can be made

The difference between where an organisation can create change versus what it can only influence change can be significant. For example, improving the accuracy of the data we have ownership of is something we can control and helps to focus our sustainability efforts.  We can also influence travel decisions by increasing access to lower carbon travel options. 

Lean into expertise

Although we are on a road less travelled, much inspiration can be drawn from the many examples of sustainability publications in the arts, culture, and entertainment space. Reach out to the brains behind the work. Many are willing to help nudge you in the right direction.

With our sustainability commitments and efforts now public, we can:

  1. Take accountability for progress 

Providing an overview of what we’re doing so far enables our stakeholders to keep tabs and ask the challenging questions.

  1. Create opportunities for conversation (and find solutions!)

Try as we might, we don’t have all the answers yet. With a ‘one-stop shop’ to refer to, our stakeholders can engage more readily in a two-way dialogue with us about our sustainability goals and how they can support us. 

  1. Encourage more action

Through evidencing where we’re taking action, the hope is to both inspire others and reveal opportunities for where more can be done. 

What’s next? 

We’ll also follow through on our Sustainability Action Plan, and seek means to continue elevating our practices by: 

  • Publishing our official greenhouse gas emissions reductions roadmap, with the goal of achieving a minimum 50% by 2030. We’ll work on ensuring this roadmap is as robust as possible through costing emissions reductions activities and prioritisation. 
  • Make donations based on tCO2e we can’t yet eliminate. For example, we donated to the Tacoma Tree Foundation based on travel emissions to Group Therapy Weekender at the Gorge. Read about Anjuna’s Funding and Partnerships.
  • We’ll also continue conversations with subsidiary partners identifying relevant opportunities to offer funding and in-kind support. 
  • Collaborate with our industry friends to support initiatives driving collective action. For example, encourage more of our event partners to join the Vision2025 Pledge and sign-post label friends to IMPALA’s Sustainability Programme
  • Create more ways for the Anjunafamily, our artist and fan community, to connect with climate action. We are launching our ‘planet’ channel on the official Anjuna Discord server, in an effort to make our fans a more active part of our sustainability efforts – you’re welcome to join, too!

And finally… Wrap your ears around one or more of our specially-curated Earth Day mixes on Apple Music or Soundcloud, and raise money for the Ocean Conservation Trust as you listen! 

If you’d like to talk to us more about our Earth Day activations, feel free to reach out to Anna Johnson (Sustainability Officer): Claire Murgatroyd (Brand Communications Manager):