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Green Supplier Focus: Event Wine Solutions: great wines. no glass

Event Wine Solutions offers events sustainable wine packaging using bottles that are carbon-footprint friendly, 100% recycled rPET, easily recyclable and virtually unbreakable.

Why recycled plastic not glass? Event Wines Solutions conducted a study comparing the Environmental Impact of Wine Packaging. The report reveals that transporting the lighter more efficiently shaped bulk plastic bottles, as compared to the same volume of wine in glass bottles, significantly reduced transport carbon emissions. Their lifecycle carbon footprint analysis of various wine packaging showed that recycled plastic bottles had a ‘cradle to cradle’ impact of 205g of carbon compared to the 322g for a regular glass wine bottle – an emissions reduction of over a third.

From a Health and Safety perspective recycled plastic wine packaging virtually unbreakable, permitted onsite and safe for event-goers.

The only potential challenge is that plastic isn’t as easily recyclable as glass, however methods for recycling and waste separation at events are improving in the UK.

Event Wines are working with The Clean Earth Collective to offset all the carbon emissions from their wine packaging with the ultimate aim of becoming a carbon negative business.

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