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Summary of Industry feedback from the Green Code Consultation

Survey shows 100% support for developing industry-wide green standards

In December 2021 Vision: 2025 launched a consultation for a ground-breaking industry Green Code of Conduct, to provide clear minimum environmental standards for all UK outdoor events.

Industry comment was invited through an online survey, closed on the 14 Jan, with feedback showing 100% support for implementing an industry wide green code. More details of feedback are below.

Vision: 2025 member associations developed the draft code, including AIF, AFO, NOEA, EIF, and organisations such as Festival Republic and Julie’s Bicycle, with support from live event promoters across the UK. Read the details HERE.

Summary of respondents: 

In this second-round consultation, 35 organisations took part, of which 62% are event organisers, 17% suppliers, and 21% ‘other’ e.g. Local Authorities and environmental organisations working in the live events industry.

Support for code:

100% of respondents support the development of the code in principle. 28% said there is ‘something specific that needs to be changed’ in order for them to get on board.

Specific concerns raised:

  • Ability to deliver on the targets due to lack of resources and knowledge within organisations
  • A need for more clarity and understanding about emission scopes 1,2,3.
  • Ability of event organisations to tackle travel emissions as the [typically] most major source of emissions
  • Sponsor influence on some changes that may be required to make changes.

Challenges highlighted about implementing code across the industry:

  • Validity of self-reporting / reliable systems for reporting
  • Support for smaller shows with less resources
  • Current focus on survival
  • Ability of the code to be relevant to all types of events
  • Technology and suppliers available to reduce emissions
  • ‘Unavoidable’ emissions could be a get out clause to not change. 

Next Steps

The Vision: 2025 Industry Steering Group meets on 26th January 2022 to review feedback, work on an update of the text, and consider next steps.