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Betternotstop (BNS) is a B Corp Certified sustainable impact and behavioural change agency, which supports festivals to improve and communicate their positive actions for reducing climate impact. They look at how implementing positive behavioural change in both customers and within organisations can help reduce costs and increase partnership opportunities. Their 2022 independent Industry ‘More Than Music’ report looked at the current trends, challenges and opportunities facing the UK music festival industry.

BNS use the Global Reporting Standards as a sustainability framework to help festivals measure and implement impactful metrics and goals. They also work as a behavioural change agency, helping you encourage and support audiences in making more environmentally friendly choices.

They are a proud member of 1% for the planet and are geared towards helping businesses have a positive impact on people and the planet. They have a clear net zero strategy in the organisation and support Client Earth as well as several other environmental charities as part of its community impact policies.

Environmental Certificates: B Corp Certification, Real Living wage certified, Better Business Act Partner, Business Declares member, Good Business Charter Member, Carbon Literacy Certified, GRI Standards Accredited, Buy One Give One Member.

Hannah Cox