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Camplight provides pre-pitched tents at events starting at an affordable price of just £30.  

Our service aims to be different from glamping and provide revelers with a simple & easy option for camping rather than buying, carrying, pitching and eventually leaving plastic tents on festival sites.  All our tents have been salvaged from those left abandoned on festival sites in previous years.  That is why our client-facing slogan is: Clearing Up Events – Hiring Out Tents.  

Camplight’s price point means that our service does not detract from Glamping sales and we are more likely to attract customers who would otherwise have bought a tent and camping equipment to the event.

Every time someone hires a tent from us we will use the funds to salvage more tents from our client’s festival sites.  

  • Contact: Kieran Vanden Bosch
  • Address: 34 Hood Close, Glastonbury, Somerset, BA6 8ES, UK
  • 07782 849052