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Event Cup Solutions | ONE Planet ONE Chance* Reusable Cup System

Event Cup Solutions is the UK’s first provider of a completely carbon-neutral, fully managed reusable cup system for festivals, events, music venues and the sports / stadiums sector.

The ONE Planet ONE Chance® Reusable Cup System has been designed to make the switch from carbon-hungry and environmentally-damaging single-use cups, to a fully managed, sustainable, carbon-neutral reusable system, with a simple and cost-effective transition. It disrupts the current ‘fan / souvenir cup’ model, and encourages customers to return the cup as part of their environmental responsibilities.

Full marketing support is provided to assist clients with communications pre – and during-event.

Festival organisers can move away from using single-use disposable plastic cups (or a fan / souvenir cup solution) to a sustainable reusable cup system. We turn a potential negative into a very strong positive environmental proposition and solution, and we even plant a tree in the UK for every 1,000 cups returned at your event to create the UK’s only carbon-neutral reusable cup system, helping us and our clients meet their eco responsibilities.

Our cup manufacturer offsets carbon emissions from manufacturing and transportation via a tree-planting project. ECS then offsets the carbon emissions generated from transportation and washing via a UK Woodland Carbon Code approved supplier, SQSTR. Our 4 UK wash centres are equipped with the most energy-efficient machines in the industry.  We service clients from their nearest regional hub, minimising our carbon footprint. ECS, as a whole, will be carbon-neutral by the end of March 2022. 

Event Cup Solutions will be a completely carbon-neutral business by the end of March 2022. Working with SQSTR, we are currently evaluating the carbon output of our new Head Office facility and wash centre in Middlesbrough, as well as our external operations. Once these calculations are complete, we will invest in carbon offsetting through various different options supplied by SQSTR.

Ensuring all of our employees are environmentally aware is important to Event Cup Solutions. Ensuring everyone has a high level of awareness of the challenges the global community faces is a top priority, and employees who understand sustainability will be aligned to our company values. To achieve this high level of awareness, all company employees – as part of their induction programme – undertake the Eco Learning Hub ‘Sustainability in Hospitality’ training – more info can be found here: This training course is a CPD Accredited course which gives all participants a greater level of environmental awareness and climate change. The course contains modules including energy, transport, food production, food waste & waste management. The course provides everyone with the opportunity to create their own individual plan, and play their part in constructing a viable & achievable company-wide plan that will reduce carbon output.

Event Cup Solutions is a member of the Association of Festival Organisers (AFO), a member of the Sustainable Events Alliance.

The ONE Planet ONE Chance® Reusable Cup System has recently been awarded the Green Supplier & Innovation Award at the Vision:2025 conference. John Reeves – General Manager of Event Cup Solutions – recently qualified as being ‘Carbon Literate’, having successfully completed the Carbon Literacy course provided by the Carbon Literacy Project.

Event Cup Solutions is a contributing company to the Clean-Up Britain ‘Green Champions Award’ (more info here – and is also aligned to 8 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.