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IDE Systems

At IDE we are committed to creating a world class temporary power distribution company by investing in new technology, new operational services and, of course, our people. Temporary power distribution is a vital component of any power network, and it has a major part to play in moving towards a lower carbon future. Our business model is based around our customers, offering both rental and sales solutions to meet different demands and helping you to make the best investment decisions. Our aim is to have long term relationships that enable us to grow together and ultimately deliver optimized temporary power solutions. Our industry is changing, sustainability and the need to reduce wastage of power and lower carbon emissions is now the biggest challenge. IDE has spent the last 3 years developing the Erica product line to deliver reduced energy usage on site, and a range of EV chargers to encourage the move to zero carbon transport. These products work as part of a low carbon agenda and contribute to successful renewable power source deployment into the world of temporary power.

IDE believe that our products and services should add positive value to the environment, customers, and communities that we work within. IDE’s product innovations include ‘Erica power monitoring’, which enables events to identify energy wastage, reduce & control consumption. IDE’s temporary electric vehicle chargers enable event goers to travel to events in EVs and recharge in remote locations, where the UK charging network is limited. Both products enable events to reduce their associated carbon emissions.

Carbon Emissions

IDE introduced LED lights in depots, to reduce energy consumption & carbon emissions. IDE’s manufacturing centre reduced consumption from 48,260 kWh pa to 22,136 kWh. 54% energy reduction saving 4.6t CO2 .

Circular Economy

IDE design products to be robust, have a long life span, be reusable & easy to repair. Our manufacturing team focus on waste reduction:  Plastic offcuts are returned to our suppliers for reprocessing & cardboard boxes returned for reuse.

The link below is for an erica case study at an event.

Targets & Reporting

Being part of the Sdiptech Group, IDE reports annually on the following areas, in order to demonstrate transparency and progress towards the UN sustainability goals.

Areas reported on include:

Environmental: IDE shall reduce its carbon dioxide intensity (CO2e/turnover) from its own operations by 50% within five years (between 2021 and 2026).

Social: By 2030, IDE shall be gender equal (men and women represented in the range of 40–60%) in leading positions.

Governance: IDE will have incentives that are linked to sustainability-related goals.

Financial: IDE will contribute to one or more of UN Sustainable Development Goals. Full details are published on IDE’s website and in Sdiptech’s 2021 Sustainability Report

  • Contact: Bhavisha Fatania
  • Address: IDE Systems – Unit 3 Swaffield Park Hyssop Close, Cannock WS11 7FU Staffordshire