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Power Logistics

Power Logistics is a global leader in the provision of sustainable temporary event power and
lighting solutions. Their customer-focused service and well-respected track record spans two
decades. Whilst they wholly recognise that temporary power is by its nature not environmentally friendly, being energy efficient is at the forefront of everything that they do.
Their research into alternative fuels and energy sources is yielding results and they continue
to investigate new and alternative methods to make the events they support and the day-to-
day activities of the company as carbon efficient as possible.
They meticulously plan logistics to reduce transport requirements, whether that’s optimising
loads or utilising back runs from other events to keep transport costs and fuel emissions to a
minimum. They work carefully with their supply partners to ensure minimal delivery journeys
and maximum vehicle utilisation, carefully calculating transport and logistics plans and fuel
consumption. Within their offices, they harvest rainwater to run our pressure washers using
an inventive new design from their team of engineers. They use biodegradable detergents.
They’ve reduced their mains water usage by changing to on-demand urinal flushing systems
and their offices use motion sensor lighting reducing unnecessary use of energy.
In addition, they work closely with their clients to reduce fuel consumption and as a result the
CO2 emissions generated. The development of their bespoke power monitoring system,
technology, deployment of load demand configured generator banks and introduction of
batteries has been instrumental in achieving an average of 20% fuel reduction across the
events they serve.

Power Logistics work with their clients to gather as much detail prior to the event, as early as
possible to help them formulate a sustainable electrical design. Typically, client’s approach
them with a list of items that require power for their event i.e., production offices, concert
stage, food concessions etc. Historically there has been a tendency to specify the required
temporary power generation based upon connector size of this equipment. Power Logistics,
as a company, challenge that and will always request further detail to establish what the
actual power draw is and not just the size of the plug. To support this, particularly with repeat
events, they can provide bespoke power monitoring that helps both of them, as a supplier,
and their client make more informed decisions year on year.

Typically, the methods explored by Power Logistics to reduce emissions are:

  • Power & Energy Monitoring
  • Load on demand configurations
  • Stage V generators
  • Alternative diesel fuels
  • Battery Technology & Storage Systems
  • Hybrid
    o Peak Shaving
    o Solar
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Awards that recognise their green credentials
Festival Supplier Awards – Green Supplier Award 2020
Event Production Awards – Best Use of Technology 2020 for power monitoring at Radio 1
Big Weekend 2019 and Highly Commended as Green Supplier of the Year.
IQ Magazine – Green Guardian 2022

  • Contact: Ian Peniston
  • Address: Unit 1 & 2, The Old Dairy Draycot Park Farm Draycot Cerne Chippenham SN15 5LH Wiltshire UK
  • 0845 034 8002