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Re-uz UK

Re-uz UK specialises in a comprehensive range of reusable products and services designed to promote the sustainability of large-scale events and venues. Their diverse product hire range includes reusable Pint, Half Pint, Wine, Flute, Hot Drink Cups and is expanding to include reusable food ware. Re-uz UK can provide staffing solutions to assist in introducing and managing reusable at events seamlessly. Their trained staff ensure a smooth transition to reusable solutions. What sets us apart is our comprehensive washing service and our experienced teams.
They clean and maintain their own hired products but also wash purchased items, ensuring a sustainable and hygienic approach.

Reusable cups stand as an environmentally preferable choice over any single-use alternative. Single-use items, even when recycled, contribute significantly to pollution and harming ecosystem. In contrast, their reusable cups minimise waste, promoting a sustainable, closed-loop system. By reducing the reliance on disposables, we curb environmental impact, conserve resources, and empower businesses to make a positive choice for the planet. Opting for reusables aligns with our commitment to fostering a greener future and mitigating the drawbacks associated with single-use items.

In their commitment to green business practices, we’ve embraced reusable boxes, sourced from eco-friendly supplier. This has enhanced their closed-loop systems and significantly reduces their environmental impact. This strategic move away from single-use packaging aligns with their dedication to sustainability and demonstrates their drive towards eco-friendly solutions. By integrating reusable boxes, we’re not just minimising waste; we’re developing a greener approach that positively contributes to the health of their business and the planet.

  • Contact: James Clark, Gary Atterton, Phil White, Ryan Linham
  • 01278 238750