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Waste Baling Machines

Improve recycling rates and efficiency, save transporting bulky waste and reduce on-site waste storage volumes, by compacting your waste and recyclables into easy-to-handle bales with a Waste Baling Machine.

Whether it’s paper, card, soft plastics, glass or aluminium, you’ll benefit from lower waste disposal costs, a safer and tidier processing area, and a significant reduction in your carbon impact. In 2023 we launched our Recycling Processing Unit (RPU) – an all-in-one facility that can be dropped on-site and operable within 15 minutes. The first festival we worked with reported a 70% saving in carbon emissions in processing their recyclable waste!

Designed by waste experts and event industry professionals, the RPU is innovative in its offering to festivals and events of any size. By starting the recycling process onsite – crushing recyclable waste into neat, stackable bales 10-20% the size of the original, and glass into recyclable cullet that takes just 20% of the storage space – events need just 20% of the transportation for their recyclable waste and substantially reduce carbon footprint as well as increasing the recycling rate.

Waste Baling Machines have our eye on environmental impacts at all times. We plan our rentals and waste collections as far in advance as possible so we can plan efficient routes and multiple collection points for the same vehicles. We reuse or recycle all of our manufacturing waste and separate all our other waste to go into the usual recycling streams. We regularly refurbish older machines to get them back into the marketplace so our customers always have the choice of new or professionally refurbished.

The RPU was ‘soft’ launched in the Summer of 2023 at the Green Man festival, Crickhowell. It was a success from the start: The RPU processed four tonnes of cardboard, three skipfulls of glass bottles, and 0.8 tonnes of aluminium drinks cans. For the volume created, this would previously have needed 4x articulated lorries and 3x skip lorries to remove, travelling daily to the site because of a lack of storage, removing the waste to landfill or recycling facilities and clogging up roads on a daily basis. Storage on site is no longer a problem – where this cardboard would take up 190m3 of space previously, the RPU condenses it into just 19m3; 30 pallet loads of drinks cans transform into just 2.5 pallets; and the glass fills up less than half a skip. Because of this reduced volume, as well as the innate ‘stackability’ of the bales created, all materials could be neatly stacked in containers on site until the end of the festival, thereby reducing the frequency of lorries on the local road network.

The decreased volume also means that the transport requirements would be able to be reduced to just one 18T lorry, one 3.5T van, and one skip lorry. The CO2 emissions from these vehicles alone were cut from 4,652g/km to 1,428g/km – that’s just 31% of the original!

Matt Smith – Litter & Recycling Manager at the Green Man Festival: “The RPU enabled us to separate our recyclable waste much more easily. Within minutes of arriving on-site, the unit was up and running. We hired the RPU from setup through to post-festival clean up, and it could easily handle all the waste from the caterers, contractors and festival attendees throughout the period. Not only did it massively reduce the number of lorries coming on and off-site throughout the festival period, but it also meant that the entire waste processing area was cleaner, and more waste was recycled compared to previous years.”

Environmental Awards include: Vision 2025’s Green Supplier and Innovation Award 2023

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