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The Stage Bus

Sustainability isn’t just a fashionable fad for Birmingham-based mobile stage company The Stage Bus – they continue to innovate, having been running their ingenious stages using the power of the Sun for over a decade and have been at the forefront of making events greener whilst everyone else catches up.

The small, independent company now boasts a fleet of eight mobile stages of varying capacities and as well as being solar-powered, they have been engineered with the environment in mind. Designed to be super-efficient, The Stage Bus stages arrive in one vehicle and need just one crew member to set up. In comparison, the competition will typically need up to four vehicles to transport a stage on-site, saving on average 9000 litres of transport fuel per year – that’s 24,000 KG of CO2 fuel saved. As well as being environmentally efficient, the stages are also time efficient – needing around an hour to set up and the same time to pack away.

In 2022, The Stage Bus provided stages for 150 events, with an average run-time of 8 hours per event – that’s 1,200 hours of solar-powered entertainment.

The Stage Bus saw its vision of the Stage Box concept unit being hired on a long-term lease. The Stage Box was designed by director Andrew Teverson as an option for clients wanting a stage that could be left in-situ over a long period to save on transport costs and miles and to cut down on crew road time. Stevenage Town Council were looking to acquire such a unit for their brand new Events Island space, a purpose-built zone where the community can gather at weekends and celebration dates to enjoy live performances. The Box was delivered to Stevenage in October 2022 and will be left on site for at least two years. In addition to being fuel and emissions economical, The Stage Box has been fitted with remote access technology, meaning that the TSB team can remotely troubleshoot any issues from their Birmingham HQ and avoid sending crew out on the road.

As well as winning the Stevenage Council contract, The Stage Bus has seen a sharp uptick in organisers actively seeking their services out due to their green credentials for single-day and shorter-term events. With more and more events needing to meet green targets, The Stage Bus is helping many of them meet their objectives. In addition to being fuel efficient, solar-powered and using smart engineering, The Stage Bus continues its green ethos at its HQ, carrying out all repairs and maintenance in-house and operating a zero-to-landfill policy. They heat their office with waste timber and are in the process of powering their workshop by solar power. The team are also using their engineering know-how to electrify one of its lorries as an additional option for green-conscious clients.

To see their full range of stages and to learn more, visit The Stage Bus’ website or call their friendly, knowledgeable team on 0121 585 9264. | 0121 585 9264 |