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The Stage Bus

The Stage Bus has provided cutting-edge mobile stages to outdoor events across the country, with over fifteen years of continually evolving design iterations, incorporating updated technologies. Their stages are fully solar-powered, and their incredibly energy-efficient design currently allows them to play for up to eight hours on a single charge. They are also fully self-contained, as each stage comes fully inclusive of lighting, sound, PA, and crew, and one of their stages can be set up in as little as an hour. With a wide variety of options available, from their namesake Stage Bus – built out of a classic double-decker bus – to their little Camper Stage – built out of a vintage Ford Transit – and their innovative Stage Boxes, which dismount from their transport vehicles and are perfect for longer-term installations. Quick to set up, self-contained sustainable staging for a range of audiences from 500 people to 8,000.

Their stages use around 10% of the power of traditional stages, meaning they put a massive dent in energy consumption. They also arrive on site in one vehicle, which contains staging, equipment and crew. Whereas traditional stages will typically arrive in several vehicles. This cuts their carbon footprint even further.

As well as sustainable stages, the Stage Bus premises are green too. They heat their HQ with timber offcuts from the workshop and are currently looking at converting offices to solar power. They salvage vehicles from potential scrappage and painstakingly repair and restore them, giving unloved classic vehicles a new lease of life, in the best spirit of circular economy.