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Event Map Studio

Event Map Studio (EMS) event layout tools quickly and easily create, manage, analyze, and share compliant event layouts to scale. 
Their software integrates sustainability expertise into the actual task of laying out events. This knowledge is directly usable through tools that provide their clients with sustainability information and feedback in real-time as you layout your event. The sustainability aspects of an event can be automatically shared with the audience to raise awareness and modify public behaviour.

EMS values:

  • Save on expensive and unresponsive CAD/CAM vendors
  • Avoid expensive custom-developed phone-specific event maps built from outdated event layouts
  • Save on errors due to outdated documents shared weeks prior
  • Get instant suggestions and feedback on your layout’s sustainability

EMS data-rich system lets you share your event layout with all the stakeholders (government, vendors, colleagues), automatically generate sustainability reports, and educate your audience on your sustainability efforts.

  • EMS product enables customers to reduce their environmental impacts by providing sustainability suggestions and feedback to users as they layout their events. A customer’s testimonial says” We had a record number of attendees attend by bicycle and waste clean-up was a breeze for volunteers as it was very organized. “
  • One of the guiding principles of their product is to avoid printing. All reports and graphs are designed with an on-screen and electronic-sharing philosophy.

EMS minimize commuting by encouraging employees to work from home. In the last 2 years’ more than 90% of work was performed at home.

  • The company does not own any vehicles
  • They prioritize online meetings over long-distance travel and prioritize train over aeroplane travel. Last year they attended Vision: 2025’s Sustainable Event Summit by coming from Paris by train.