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GL events UK Limited

GL events is a leading supplier of event infrastructure, ranging from temporary structures, marquees and temporary grandstand seating, to complete overlay solutions. Through their other business units, Xpect and Flow, GL events also offer furniture for events, conferences and exhibitions, and also power generation and distribution for live events. Sustainability is a key factor in the development of solutions for their clients.

As a rental business, their reusable components have a lifespan of between 7-25 years. Any damaged components are repaired or repurposed in-house minimising replacement needs. All components are packaged in reusable stillages or storage systems, and they generate neither noise nor dust pollution during installation. Their installations also leave no environmental impact when they are removed from site. Their in-house power generation capability offers clients Hydrogen powered options.

GL’s certification to ISO 20121, demonstrates their sustainable supplier credentials supporting clients pursuing their certification. Integrating sustainability and waste management into their project management methodology allows them to support the objectives and targets of clients. Sustainable options are considered and costed into every proposal and tender, allowing discussion with the client. They can also produce a carbon footprint report for their structures as input into the client’s overall emissions estimate.

Operationally, they use ERP to minimise component and truck movement – and a load planning strategy to optimise truck use. Facilities Management plans include electrical distribution reviews that have resulted in charges to LED lighting, workshop machinery upgrades, and improvement to product cleaning. Company vehicles are restricted to electric/hybrid and EV charging points are installed at depots. They have Sustainable Development Partnerships with key suppliers e.g. carpet/flooring. Cloud-based worksite documentation (Worksmobile) removes the need for paper copies.

  • Contact: Rachel Baker
  • Address: Station Road Castle Donington DE74 2NL Leicestershire UK
  • 07815 834818