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How can we create a society where reusable packaging systems are the go-to? 73% of people in the UK think more needs to be done

betternotstop surveyed 100 music festivals to investigating their publicly available impact policies to gathered data and conclusions on topics including campsites, litter, food and

Jo Blick is a Waste Reduction Specialist founded the first UK event recycling company in 1989, she is a freelancer with event waste management company

While the rapid distribution of PPE has been essential to COVID response, it’s also creating major environmental issues. To raise awareness of this problem

Ecologically-friendly glitter manufacturer, Ronald Britton Ltd, launches new TÜV Certified Fresh Water Biodegradable Holographic Bioglitter™, which is a certified freshwater-biodegradable holographic effect glitter product. 

Eighth plate is a pioneering environmental initiative that sets out to help festivals salvage surplus food and redistribute it to local food charities. The

Lost Village set out to cut their environmental impacts from their 2021 edition by eliminating single use plastic cups from their waste stream. Pre-pandemic,

Lapee is the female urinal for outdoor events. Lapee was founded to improve gender equality by giving woman the right to pee in a

Closed loop printing guide by Seacourt created specifically for the creative sector to help guide you in ensuring the most sustainable printing options for your organisation. Seacourt is a Net Positive business, giving back more than they consume with waterless printing and zero chemicals, VOC free inks. zero waste to landfill and closed loop lifecycle of their product, receiving three Wueens Awards for sustainable development.

We offer a full recycling service to festivals. We can also help smaller festivals recycle theirselves by offering – kit hire, skip hire, on-site baling,

The Showman’s Show is the UK’s original and most comprehensive exhibition of products and services for the festival, outdoor and special event industry. The

MTD specialises in the design and delivery of overlay plumbing systems for the events sector.  MTD endeavours to achieve 0% waste when delivering plumbing