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Webinar looking at how the decisions made in organisations have an impact on ecosystems – and how to move, urgently, towards their restoration. Featuring JB’s Chiara Badiali and Becky Hazlewood, and guest speaker George Collum, Learning Producer, Somerset House Trust.

In this guest blog Pauline Bourdon, Sustainability and Social Cohesion Coordinator at Team Love, shares her experience of working on Breaking Bread, a pop-up, socially distanced, drinking & dining experience in Bristol – and of researching and producing a report detailing the Social, Economic and Environmental Impacts of the event.

Second edition of the report: Outlines the environmental impacts of the festival industry and aims to provide a robust basis for an industry-wide action to reduce carbon emissions by 50% by 2025.

Guide focusing on making your office space greener and more resource efficient. It covers areas of impact like energy, water and waste, and offers advice on zero or low cost team actions, which can deliver significant carbon and cost savings. It is aimed at anyone interested in greening the office space.

Briefing paper to give a better understanding of the Circular Economy, and how to apply its principles in your areas of work, from artistic practice to day-to-day operations in organisations.

This webinar gives a better understanding of the circular economy and how to apply its principles in your areas of work, from artistic practice to day-to-day operations in organisations. Chiara Badiali, Knowledge and Sector Intelligence Lead at JB, shares examples of the circular economy, and is joined by Melissa Lewis, Specialist in Modern and Contemporary Art, from Modern British Conservation who shares her experience on applying circular economy principles to their cultural practice and how this has developed.

This report is an indispensable guide to the ways in which the creative sector can respond to the biodiversity crisis, with a focus on green infrastructure, single-use plastics, and the move away from unsustainable sources such as palm oil. It takes in a variety of fascinating case studies of successes and ongoing challenges from across the UK and Global arts and cultural sector. Written by lead author Chiara Badiali and produced by JB.

In response to climate change emergency, Manchester City Council set the ambitious target in 2018 of becoming a zero carbon city by 2038.These 7 sustainable events guides were created in collaboration between JB and Manchester City Council as part of our ongoing C-Change Programme.

The Showman’s Show is the UK’s original and most comprehensive exhibition of products and services for the festival, outdoor and special event industry. The

MTD specialises in the design and delivery of overlay plumbing systems for the events sector.  MTD endeavours to achieve 0% waste when delivering plumbing