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Vision 2025 Green Directory members White Light, Pro AV and SFL are UK based companies, within the d&b Group, offering free access to the

Instagrid replaces noisy petrol generators and their associated emissions in event spaces with its leading battery technology. In doing so, they have also freed

A set of tools designed to empower event professionals across Europe to be future-ready, with green competency, tools and personal certification. Future Festival Tools

In this end of year blog, Chris Johnson, Chair of Vision: 2025, delivers his annual round up of advances in event sustainability from across

Watch the recording of ecolibrium’s latest Climate Responsible Travel for Live Events Lunch & Learn webinar, which ran in partnership with Association of Independent Festivals

Virtuous circles: how the circular economy can be a key driver of business growth The application of circular principles offers significant potential for organisations

In this 8th year of the annual Industry Green Survey, 119 festivals and events with a combined audience of over 2.1 million took part,

Instagrid is a portable power supply that delivers grid-like performance with a rated power output of 3,600 W, a peak power output of 18,000

Vision: 2025 Chair and Sustainability Consultant, Chris Johnson answers frequently asked questions around Net Zero: What does Net Zero mean, why is it so important,

Produced by Julie’s Bicycle, the report explains how to put a price on the carbon we emit. It explores net zero emissions commitments and

In November 2018, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a landmark report stating that we have until 2030 to avoid climate catastrophe.